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Attitude drives Altitude

Impact of a positive mindset and attitude on leading a balanced life

 Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Sal Celly- hope you all are doing great. It is May 14th 2023-Happy Mother’s Day, to all the mothers out there. I hope you’re making this day special and memorable for the ones that you owe everything to. I am over here at Weiss High School in Pflugerville, playing tennis with my kids and their friends.

Introduction to Positive Mindset and Attitude

 Today, I want to talk about the importance of having the right mindset and attitude. That is the foundational, firm structure over which everything in your life is built- your attitude, and your mindset determines your perspective, your perception, which in turn drives your feelings and emotions, which in turn drives your behavior and actions. If you want to change your actions and the outcomes, change your attitude, because that is what starts everything.

How Positive Thinking Impacts Overall Well-being

 What are the different kinds of attitudes- you can have an attitude of scarcity or you can have an attitude of abundance. When you have an attitude of scarcity, you hoard, and you don’t share information because you feel there is only so much to go around. And if you share, then you are going to be left with less. An attitude of abundance on the other hand, is the mindset that the more you share, the more it grows for everyone. So that’s one distinction.

The second distinction is to have a contracted viewpoint versus an expanded viewpoint. A contracted viewpoint is where you’re blaming others, you’re being the victim, you’re finding excuses, you’re putting everything on everyone else, instead of taking responsibility and taking accountability. An expanded viewpoint is one where you are being more open to feedback, you’re taking ownership, you’re being 100% responsible. And you’re raising your hand when you made a mistake, and you’re learning from it. And most importantly, you are growing as a person. That is an expanded viewpoint rather than a contracted viewpoint.

Benefits of Maintaining a Positive Outlook on Life

 The third important attribute of attitude, which in my opinion drives individuals to develop a positive mindset, is the attitude of constant and continuous improvement. We all can improve. And when you have that mindset, you’re always looking for ways to getting better. Even if that means going through the valleys to get to the highs. Sometimes you have to go down to get back up. The attitude of constantly growing and evolving and improving and adapting and changing is what keeps you moving forward. And that’s what it’s all about. When you have that mindset, and you have the mindset of being dynamic instead of static, and you have the mindset of evolution instead of staying still, that’s when you’re going to continue to grow, develop, improve, maximize your potential and keep moving forward.

When does your attitude develop?

 How and when does your attitude actually develop? That’s a great question. It develops right in the beginning. Your environment, your upbringing, your family, the people you hang out with circumstances, all shape your attitude. Can your attitude be changed? Absolutely-yes, you can change your attitude. You can change your attitude by surrounding yourself and nourishing your mind and your brain with the right inputs, as the inputs determine the output. If you have the right inputs, then you will have the right outputs. If you want a different outcome, change the inputs, change the behavior, and change your attitude. That’s where the coach comes in.

 The Link between Positive Attitude and Better Physical Health

 When you have a positive attitude, you care about your physical health and your mental health and your overall emotional and social wellbeing. You recognize that if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. You are careful and coscious of your diet, exercise, staying heatlhy, having good sleep habits and patterns and taking time to relax, decompress, socialize, laugh and have fun. You want to improve in areas of your life that are important and you proactively seek out help and a coach or mentor to guide you and help you grow and develop. The coach’s role is to expand your zone of possibility and enable you to go to places you never thought were possible before. That’s the role of the coach. But if you think that you are already there and you’ve already arrived, then you’re not going to go and seek out improvement and you’re not going to go and get the coach and you’re going to be contracted and critical. That is not an expanded attitude. That is not an empowering attitude.

 The impact of the people you surround yourself with and where you invest your time

 The other area I want to talk about is the company you keep. The company you keep, directly determines the person you become. The books you read, the podcasts you listen to,  the videos you watch, how much time you’re spending on social media, how much time you’re spending on watching the news, etc all impact your development and growth. All those factors determine the output and the result.

This is as relevant to your personal life and your professional life. If you have a curiosity mindset, you will try to be interested first, to become interesting- that is the right attitude to have. And remember, developing the right attitude is what is going to give you the right altitude in life. So it’s not too late. Take the first step now. Rome was not built in a day, be patient. Remember, incremental steps enable you to move forward. It’s not a big bang approach. If you do the right things, repeatedly, they will compound over a period of time. And that is how you overcome seemingly large obstacles.

Positive Thinking Promotes Better Mental Health

 The power of positive thinking, developing the right attitude and handling stress better, improves your mental health. You realize that life is not a bed of roses-there are going to be obstacles, impediments, trials and tribulations. And that’s ok. You are going to be knocked down and taken by surprise and you may face turbulent times. You will learn how to handle these situations better, and continue to move forward.

The Role of Positive Attitude in Career Success

Remember, attitude drives the right mindset and perspective. And the right perspective determines your emotions and your feelings, which in turn, drive your behavior. Your behavior and your actions and the choices you make, and the opportunities you seek out and the calculated risks you take, determine your career success and your life success,  That is the way it works. So if you want to change your attitude, surround yourself with the right people, go seek out your mentor, seek out your coaches, and get uncomfortable. Discomfort is a great teacher. If you go through difficult times and you go through problems, and you go through difficult patches, that’s when you’re going to really grow and develop. If you’re always comfortable, then you’re not pushing yourself enough.

Conclusion: The Vital Role of Positive Mindset and Attitude in a Balanced Life

In conclusion, developing, maintaining, and strengthening a positive attitude and mindset and taking appropriate follow through action, has a vital role to play in leading a balanced, happier and more fulfilled life. You have got to push yourself and have the attitude of what can this situation teach me? What can I learn from this situation instead of why is this happening to me? That is a learning mindset. That is an evolving mindset. That is an expanded mindset. And that is what is going to help you and enable you to continue to grow, develop and evolve. Thank you for reading. Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thank you



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