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Sales And Negotiation

In today’s competitive world with myriad solutions, products and salespeople, how do you differentiate yourself, create a unique position in your prospect’s mind and build long-lasting, repetitive and mutually rewarding customer relationships?

Learn how you uncover the customer’s needs, wants and goals and put the client at the center of every conversation. Nobody cares about your product features and benefits-they care about their problems and priorities. Enumerate that clearly, concisely and in a timely way to create raving fans who generate positive word of mouth and enable you to maximize lifetime customer value.

Learn all this and more in these courses and focus on creating win-win value exchanges. Give more than you take and learn to walk in the other person’s shoes. Be bold but humble and respectful and behave with trust and integrity. The rest will follow.

When you learn these fundamental skills and values, you will find more opportunities, close more revenue and build enduring customer relationships, while leading a more balanced, happier, rewarding and fulfilled life.

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