In our research on creativity, innovation, inspiration and values, we have found that there are five primary “Archetypes of Change” in organizations. Each Archetype of Change contributes something valuable to the overall effectiveness of the team or organization. Each one also has its shadow side. These five Archetypes of Change are called:


People who walk between worlds and have the ability to build bridges
between different worldviews. They have a strong spiritual or values centered life and are also very grounded and effective in the everyday
material world.


Those who keep the original vision and values of the organization alive.


People who get the day-to-day work of the organization done and who are focused on serving others.


Those who provide stability and predictability to the organization. They are the keepers of the boundaries and can keep the organization from
going over the edge. They tend to be averse to change and are comfortable with routine.


People who look to the future and tend to see all the things that could potentially be a problem. They have a gift of analyzing and/or sensing
what could go wrong before it happens. They are committed to protecting people and the organization from potential harm.

Most of us have a greater comfort for one or two of these archetypes in most situations. And all of us have the capacity to embody and act out of each of the five Archetypes of Change. Ideally, you should be able to call upon the appropriate archetype for each situation that requires

The overall culture of an organization can reflect one or more of these Archetypes of Change as well. The Organizational Archetypes of Change Survey provides a map of how your organization responds to change and should be used in conjunction with this Individual Archetypes of
Change Survey.

It is important to remember that no questionnaire can capture the wholeness and complexity of who you are. The purpose of any questionnaire is to evoke meaningful conversation, and to raise provocative questions that might lead to positive change. After you receive the customized assessment, you will have a one-on-one analysis and implications session with a Certified Edgewalker Facilitator, for the greatest benefit.


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