Frustrated by endless fruitless discussions, misalignment and mistrust, blame games, toxic colleagues or family members, turf wars and/or weak performance? All of these are a result of bad communication.

Communicate or Die is not just a bestseller–it’s your system to be a master communicator, take charge of negotiations or conflicts–in meetings, calls, emails or texts–and rise to the top. Simply by how you speak and listen.

Dr. Zweifel, former CEO, Columbia professor and award-winning author of bestsellers like Strategy-In-Action and The Rabbi and the CEO, unpacks the toolbox he developed over three decades of working with heads of state (including Nelson Mandela), Nobel laureates like Amartya Sen or Joe Stiglitz, CEOs and C-level executives, but also 100,000s of ordinary people (including slum dwellers in Haiti and India), to reveal the communication secrets of successful people.

Often leaders have a great vision, but don’t know how to communicate their strategies and turn them into results. Just as often, a company’s staff has insight and ideas that never make it to the top. In short, the difference between a good and agreat company may lie in their communication. In this action-packed, quick and fun read (yes, communication fiascos can be hilarious), Dr. Zweifel shows you:
·How to prevent communication disasters at AOL, Bridgestone, DaimlerChrysler, Enron, Intel, Microsoft and Nike–but also the miscommunications that led to 9/11, which Dr. Zweifel witnessed first-hand, pp.xiii.
·How, in an age of highly mobile knowledgeworkers, you keep the loyalty of colleagues and customers, and have your team go into the trenches with you, p7.

·The 4 Quadrants of Communication as a diagnostic tool to leverage the full power of language to shape reality–like Gandhi, Kennedy, King or Mandela, but also CEOs like Michael Cowpland of Corel, p17.

·The 4 key conversations to have anyone, anywhere do what you want (without being pushy). This killer-app will help you win any argument, negotiate effectively and build trust and win-wins, p21.

·How IBM, GE, Allied Signal and Abbott Laboratories built their listening muscle–perhaps their smartest investment–to turn around their companies, p31.

·The 7 levels of the Matterhorn ofMasterful Listening® (no, listening is not like a light switch to turn on or off). Dr. Zweifel shows you how to leverage the full repertoire of listening–a free commodity–to get what you want, p33.
·How to gain power in any conversation by reading between the lines, p44.
·The 8th level, the secret power of master orators like King that you won’t find anywhere else: Step into your audience’s shoes and shape how they listen to you. This is also the key to unstoppable leadership, p51.
·A hilarious cookie-break (and warning): You can actually listen too much–massive misunderstandings between women and men, p56.
·The 9 iron-clad rules for listening that gets results, p60.
·How to avoid the 4 Deadly Sins of Speaking and eliminating wasteful chatter–by moving people from gossip, complaints, judgment, blame or excuses to commitment and action, with use cases, p64.
·… and finally, how to troubleshoot –from mistrust to performance gaps. Including the 6 keys for tackling a toxic boss and avoiding World War III, p91.

There is hardly an issue, from lawsuits to divorce, from failed mergers to strategy alignment, that cannot be solved through great communication. Get Communicate or Die today and, in a quick, easy and fun read, transform your capacity to get the results you want.
“There are simple things in this 80-page book for each of us–stories, tips and labs–that will greatly raise the effectiveness of our communication. Read this book– it’sgoing to cost you next to nothing to read. You can substitute one evening of entertainment and make a difference in your life and work for years to come.”
–Ali Velshi, Anchor, NBC


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