The DISC Assessment provides a customized report, followed by a 30 minute live analysis and discussion with a certified DISC Assessor with-

        • Expertise to assess strengths, areas of opportunity and potential threats and environments to be aware of
        • Specific information to make better, more objective hiring decisions
        • Tailored reports to help employees and teams to modify behaviors to become more successful
        • Data to lead your organization with confidence

      DISC is a simple, practical, easy to remember and universally applicable model. It focuses on individual patterns of external, observable behaviors and measures the intensity of characteristics using scales of directness and openness for each of the four styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientious. Using the DISC model, it is easy to identify and understand our own style, recognize and cognitively adapt to different styles, and develop a process to communicate more effectively with others.

      Most popular applications: Leadership development, sales training, team building, communication skills training, customer service training, executive coaching, career development, stress and time management, self-awareness development.

      After the online assessment and report is generated, you will have a 30 minute session with a MaximizeU Coach to go over the results and analyze the assessment and discuss practical implications of the assessment.


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