Edgewalkers are people who walk between worlds and have the ability to build bridges between different paradigms.
They also have a strong inner life and are very grounded and effective in the everyday material world.
Edgewalkers are needed in today’s complex world because they use their full human potential to help move the world forward.
They are future-oriented, intuitive, practical, grounded, creative, and are change-makers. All individuals
have the capacity to utilize Edgewalker qualities and skills in some aspect of their lives. For some this
is natural, for others these qualities and skills can be enhanced through coaching, workshops or

This instrument is a thoroughly tested, valid and reliable scientific measure of the five qualities and five
skills of an Edgewalker. It is based on the research conducted by Dr. Judi Neal, as described in her
book Edgewalkers: People and Organizations That Take Risks, Build Bridges, and Break New Ground.
Her research has also been published in academic journal articles and numerous books. The
Edgewalker Profile was developed by Dr. Neal in partnership with Dr. Linda Hoopes of Resilience

It is important to remember that no questionnaire can capture the wholeness and complexity of who you
are. The purpose of any questionnaire is to evoke meaningful conversation, and to raise provocative
questions that might lead to positive change. After you receive the customized assessment, you will have a
one-on-one analysis and implications session with a Certified Edgewalker Facilitator, for the greatest benefit.

This report may be used by you for your own personal growth, or for your professional development as
a leader. It may also be used by work teams as a part of team development. This is where all members
of the team take the instrument and discuss the results in the context of the future and vision of the


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