Coaching has become a $500+ billion industry. It used to be about therapy or training, but now the profession has changed dramatically. Coaching is now the essential skillset for making companies grow, developing leaders, boosting performance and productivity. Not to speak of self-leadership, sense-making, improving relationships, and leading a life you love.

88% of managers (roughly 9 out of 10) who use a coach consider their coaching invaluable. 89% of people (again 9 out of 10) who don’t have a coach wish they had one. Demand for coaching will increase by a whopping 39% over the next decade.

“Coaching is no longer a service to buy or delegate, but a basic management competence—just like finance or marketing. Every leader or manager must be a competent coach. Dr. Zweifel gives you a systematic toolkit for getting the best out of your people.”
—Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

Learn this skillset and get a competitive edge. Especially if working with others is a mystery and/or a pain to you. And especially in times of home office. Learn how to coach clients, colleagues, even your boss—and boost your freedom, power and peace of mind.

iCoach is not just a book but a system, refined over three decades of coaching CEOs and other leaders to meet business imperatives.

Dr. Zweifel learned coaching in the 1980s when the profession barely existed outside of sports. He has poured 35+ years of experience—as CEO, then as strategy & performance expert, CEO/CXO coach and board member—into this path-breaking book. The Coaching-In-Action methodology is based on both timeless principles of leadership and the latest research in neuroscience, psycholinguistics and behavioral economics.

 The 5 steps from neuro-linguistic research to power and impact through people.
• When to wear the “coach hat” and when the “management hat.”
• The 6 steps to build trust, demand for coaching and clients.
• How to see and catch coaching opportunities (without which coaching will fail).
• The 7 coaching questions based on behavioral economics that position you as guru—and kill time wasters. And
• The exit strategy: How to free yourself and make the intervention sustainable.

“A punchy book that strips executive coaching back to the essentials. Here’s what to do, and what not to do, to be effective.”
—Michael Bungay Stanier, author of WSJ-bestseller The Coaching Habit

Zweifel used this system to secure his own financial freedom, work smarter and accomplish more, with more people. His clients used it to produce, in the aggregate, over $9 billion in added annual revenues—while boosting innovation and building coaching cultures.

“If you lead anything, use this book to lead your teams to sustainable, and meaningful, high performance.”
—Dr. Daniel Vasella, former Chairman & CEO, Novartis

Is your team too dependent on you? Are you caught in micro-management or saving the day? Is your bench strength lacking, are team members not entrepreneurial enough? Do you sometimes feel it’s all too much and you won’t stem it all?

Harvard teaches you can manage up to five direct reports. With coaching, you don’t have that constraint. iCoachgives you the proven formula for leveraging yourself, maximizing impact, and growing the business when you’re not around.

“This is exactly what I wanted to do for a living. Thomas has been a source of inspiration for a profound professional and life change.”
—Elsa Regan-Klapisz, Executive Coach, Leadership Specialist

The iCoach® approach gives you a new kind of power: not over but with people, defined as speed from idea to results. It’s a power all too often missing in organizations. Get iCoach and boost your power, freedom and peace of mind.


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