This is much more than a book: It’s your day-by-day success system. Leadership in 100 Days offers you the roadmap to power and impact—even and especially in a time of crisis and constraints. Whatever goal you put your mind to (professional and personal), this easy-to-use toolkit will give you the capacity to achieve it.

For a tiny fraction of the cost to hire a coach, Leadership in 100 Days offers you the roadmap to your success as a leader.
“Very pragmatic self-study guide that with personal discipline provides a clear road map towards (increased) success.” —Hans Toggweiler, CEO Americas, DHL

Of course there are no guarantees. “Life is,” John Lennon quipped famously, “what happens when you had other plans.” But thousands of Dr. Zweifel’s clients, students and readers—not to mention himself—have utilized these tools to meet strategic imperatives and realize their dreams, in business and in life, for more than three decades.

Leadership in 100 Days delivers what most leadership books don’t: It gives you real access to leadership, day after day, brick by brick, on the job of making something happen. For any executive who needs to reboot his or her leadership, and for companies that need better leaders.”
—Hanspeter Mathis, Managing Director, Uvex Safety Switzerland

Leaders have used this system to catalyze the achievement of their own dreams, from landing that dream job to launching a Brazilian restaurant in Harlem, from taking their family company into eCommerce to building a Blockchain startup, from boosting innovation to bringing a prototype to market, from creating social impact ventures in Benin or Bangladesh to bringing the Olympic Games to Jerusalem. (Well, this last one is still underway, and frankly it’s a bit of a long shot.)

“Use the Global Leader Pyramid® to gain clarity in the dynamics of communication. Think first, find where you are in the Pyramid, and drive your meetings, conversations and relationships to action and success!”
—Judd Maltin, Systems Principal Engineer, Dell

Teams have profited from this system to reduce overtime and budget creep for a satellite build from 100% overtime (and over budget) to 10%, saving millions; to kill the billing backlog in a law-firm, making millions; to grow retail sales from innovative products by 11% while retail in the industry declined; or to save $200 million by offshoring 5,000 knowledge workers while maintaining morale in a financial services giant.

One used the roadmap to build his own executive jet company. A few years later he called Dr. Zweifel to report back that his company was now on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing companies.

The purpose of Leadership in 100 Days is to give both experienced and emerging leaders a vehicle (that’s the original meaning of the word “coach” anyway; before there were automobiles, horse-drawn coaches brought people to their desired destinations) for self-paced, systematic self-coaching.

“Indeed a ‘coach in a book’ that confronts you with your own blindspots and charts a course you might not take on your own—the path of leadership. A huge return on investment.”
—Martin Naville, CEO, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce

Put Leadership in 100 Days to work for you today—and build your success, step by step, day by day.


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