One on One Coaching Overview 

  • Focus on personalized lifestyle coaching & mentoring to live a happier, rewarding & fulfilled life with balance & abundance
  • Different coaching & mentoring areas include Relationship and Family Coaching, Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Finance Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching , Sales Coaching, Business Coaching, Communication Coaching and Productivity Coaching.
  • Technology enabled sessions-Zoom video, Skype, FaceTime and Whatsapp, phone-call sessions. Wherever relevant, in-person one-on-one live coaching is also possible by appointment only.
  • The first 30 minute session will be complimentary as a trial run and will be used to identify key coaching areas to focus on.
  • $300 for a 60 minute customized one on one coaching session. All coaching provided will be confidential and content shared will not be reproduced or discussed with others, without the explicit permission of the coach.

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