Relationship Test™ evaluates 15 categories across 4 pillars (Personality, Attraction, Love, Other Factors), which take regional, cultural and religious differences into account. We refer to these 4 pillars as the Relationship Quadrants™.

When people feel that they match with their partner in these four areas, they are overall more happy in their life, feel more connected to and in love with their partner, and are a lot more likely to stay together in a healthy and loving relationship for a long time.

After completing the Relationship Test™, you will receive the PRI™ Certified Personalized Report with a detailed analysis and tailored recommendations based on your responses. The test takes about 10-15 minutes to complete online.

You will get the PRI™ Certified Report, which includes the following 3 parts:

1. What Is Important to You
Learn about what matters to you the most in a relationship and what kind of partner is a good match for you.

2. Your Match with Your Partner
Get to know your overall Partner Match Score™ and receive a detailed analysis on the compatibility with your partner.(Avg. Compatibility: 60%)

3. Relationship Gaps™, Red Flags and Recommendations
Find out the gaps and red flags in your relationship and get specific, personal recommendations on how to improve those.

After the online assessment and report is generated, you will have a 30 minute session with a MaximizeU Coach to go over the results and analyze the assessment and discuss practical implications of the assessment.


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