Through tarot, our angels and spirit guides are able to communicate what we may need to know about certain situations that are in our best and highest good.

During our tarot session, we begin by doing a quick meditation followed by talking about what you’d like to gain a better understanding of. I often suggest ways of framing the questions that will be most effective with tarot. Questions about time are often not effective, but we can gain information about choices, decisions, and what would be helpful to know about certain situations where you may need clarity. I have the ability to feel the energy of the cards that are meant for your specific question.

We interpret the messages of the cards together. You can ask as many questions in the allotted time as you need.

Tarot Reading Sessions are conducted over zoom. If you/ your team is would like an in-person workshop, please email coach@maximizeu.life. Thank you!

Intuitive Tarot Reading-30 minutes@$75 

The cards answer questions that a lot of people do not realize they have. It helps get prepared for what is coming in your life. In this session, we accurately interpret the cards, and provide helpful advice and guidance for your current situation. Clients leave the session feeling empowered and reassured, with a new found sense of clarity and direction. 

For additional details or to schedule a Tarot Reading session to understand the pathway to lead a more balanced, happier and fulfilled life, please email me at coach@maximizeu.life




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