What if you had the secret sauce of success? Apply this 10-part foolproof system for meeting any challenge and winning big.
What if you got access to the secret DNA that had a tiny fraction of humanity (0.2%) win 22%of all Nobel prizes and succeed disproportionately in many fields of human endeavor?

Whatif you had a system for meeting any challenge and building success predictably–professionally and personally?

Amazingly, such a toolbox has been hiding in plain view for 3,000 years.

It’s… the Ten Commandments. But not the dusty Ten Commandments you know.

It took teaming up a Rabbi and a CEO to harness the power of the Ten Commandments for today’s challenges. Each Commandment holds a secret key to success. Together, they will make you invincible.

In a unique synergy, Dr. Zweifel, former CEO, Columbia professor and award-winning author of 7 books like Strategy-In-Action and Communicate or Die, joined with Rabbi Raskin, Jewish leader and author of Letters of Light, to blend the timeless wisdom of the Ten Commandments with a cutting-edge methodology from 35+ years in management.

“The leadership wisdom contained here is timeless, powerful and actionable–just what you’d expect when you combine a Rabbi and a CEO!”–Scott A. Snook, Professor ofOrganizational Behavior, Harvard Business School

“An insightful ‘lighthouse’ to navigate the dynamic world of leadership and management in the 21st century.”–Dr. Martin Cross, CEO, Novartis-Australia

Jews are not the “People of the Book” by accident. Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah hold life-and-death leadership stories and astonishingly practical lessons for 21st-century managers and leaders of all stripes.

You needn’t be Jewish or religious to profit from these timeless secrets. They’ve stood the test of time; they’re built to last:

How to free yourself from your own “Egypt”(the Hebrew word for “Egypt” means “limitations”) and move beyond outdated mind-sets. Including a checklist for overcoming blind-spots, p1.

How to build your own vision not based on false idols or external expectations, and move from reaction-mode to standing in the future, p33.
A 6-step method to resolve any issue–without provoking World War III, p67.

How to lead through language–from excuses, complaints and blame games to commitment and action, p73.

The 3 secrets for listening between the lines and taking charge of any meeting or negotiation, p76.
How to say No, step back and build “Islands in the Sea of Time” for what truly matters, p91.
3 tools for regulating emotions so you keep your cool, p136.

The 4 ethical dilemmas and how to tackle each, p162.

The smartest investment in customer and employee loyalty, p178.

The killer-app of successful leaders: 3 steps from breakdown to breakthrough that make you unstoppable, p203.
… and finally, how to win any battle by standing in the shoes of clients, competitors, even adversaries, p222.
“Regardless of your religious beliefs, the lessons are universal and continue to be timely. This is a book executives should read and share with their co-workers.”–Jay Greenspan, Founder, JMJAssociates
“Do yourself a favor: Get this book. It offers a kind of leadership power that is all too often missing in boardrooms and that you simply won’t find elsewhere.”–Ali Velshi, Anchor, Senior Economic & Business Correspondent, NBC News
If you like stories of the good, the bad and the ugly, but also practical step-by-step systems and a touch of humor, then you’ll love Zweifel’s and Raskin’s award-winning book about how to use the Ten Commandments for maximum mileage.
Put The Rabbi and the CEO to work today, build the success you always wanted and change your life forever.


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