Susan Furness


Susan Furness

Alternative Strategy, Community Builder & Wellbeing Coach
2023 calls for community. I see this as ‘cohorts of community’. Niche communities energised by common unity drawn from common purpose and nourished by common sense.

The common ground of my work for niche communities – in and outside of business – is the commitment to positive societal impact and the willingness to ‘look in different places for new answers’ especially on the bridges between Strategic Modeling and Spiritual Intelligence, as well as from Web2 to Web3 and the Metaverse economy.

My integrated approach encourages fearless leaders to ‘talk in, before they talk out’ inviting intuition to work. I persevere in the realms of ‘heart leadership’ and Alternative Strategy. Susan is based in the United Arab Emirates and her entrepreneurial spirit unleashed a penchant for identifying business opportunities – an Haute Couture Design House, a Photograph Library, a PR Consultancy, and more. The latter, Strategic Solutions, reputed to be Dubai’s first corporate communications consultancy, was founded in Dubai in 1995.

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