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A Cageless Life Journey: Finding Fulfillment through the Birdhouse Saga

Last spring 🌸 I decided to put up a birdhouse to attract Bluebirds. I researched what kind of houses are best, how to place them, how to attract Bluebirds, etc.


I excitedly bought a cute house, set it up, and…..a pair of Carolina Chickadees moved in. No Bluebirds! 🐦☹️

picture of a Carolina Chickadee sitting on a tree branch

So, I bought another house and patiently waited. ⏳

Closeup on a cedar Bluebird house

Finally, a pair of Bluebirds moved in, and I watched a brood of baby Bluebirds grow and leave their home. 🏡

a male and a female bluebird facing each other on a branch

And then…


🔄 Fast forward to this spring. I dutifully cleaned both houses and waited. In early March, I watched as Carolina Chickadees moved into the Bluebird house. I was curious how this was going to play out, but there was another house available nearby, so no worries. 🏡 🏡


The Bluebirds eventually also came back to their house; and for the last two weeks, I’ve watched an ongoing debate between the Chickadees and the Bluebirds about this house. They are arguing, bickering, and fussing at each other about who is going to get this house. So far, the small Chickadees are winning.


After a bit more research, I read that Bluebirds don’t mind living within a few feet of other bird species and I moved the other house closer. The Bluebirds will sit on it, only to fuss at the Chickadees some more. They want their house!

Two bluebird houses

This morning as I pulled into my driveway, the Bluebirds were back and still insisting that they want “their house.” They don’t want anything to do with the other one, even though it’s only feet away. Silly birds. 🐦


The Finding Fulfillment Lesson from the Birdhouse Saga?


How many times in my life have I done the same thing? How many times have I gotten an idea in my head and just couldn’t let it go because it wasn’t exactly the way I thought it should be? Instead of seeing that other clear alternatives worked just as well, if not better, I invested far too much energy – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – in trying to get exactly what I wanted. I’ve done it in relationships – just ask my husband! 😂 I’ve done it with my home – wanting more, better, different – instead of focusing on being grateful for what I have and building on that. 🏠 The list could go on with work, worry about how people perceive me, and even my relationship with God.


How often have I let my perfectionism or stubbornness get in the way? Probably far more times than I know.  While there are times to not settle for less, I have learned – sometimes the hard way – that letting go of what I think is “the right way” and allowing myself to experience what’s right in front of me instead of focusing on “what’s wrong with this picture” has brought much more fulfillment and satisfaction. ♥️🌟


What I leave with you is this….


Do we have real problems and challenges in life? Sure. Is there anything wrong with wanting something better? Not always. Just like my pair of Bluebirds who are wasting time arguing about the location instead of building their nest and preparing for the next step, sometimes the things that we think are problems are really our “desires” getting in our way. This is a critical point to finding fulfillment in our lives.💡♥️


Is there something in your life that resonates with the antics of these birds? Have you ever grappled with stubbornness and perfectionism? Share your thoughts 💭 and stories below. 💬 ⬇️ Let’s learn from each other’s experiences and find new perspectives together!

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Live, Work and Lead with greater Freedom, Power & Peace of Mind.


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