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January 17th, 2024

The Old Columbans Association (OCA) is delighted to have MaximizeU as an esteemed Partner Organization for its flagship ‘OCA Internships Program’.

MaximizeU collaborates with The Old Columbans Association


December 23rd, 2023

MaximizeU and Softude Unite to Introduce an AI-powered Platform for Personal Growth, Revolutionizing Lives. The Hindustan Times article link is below-

The Hindustan Times article


December 21st, 2023

Edgewalkers International unveils the Edgewalker Academy in collaboration with MaximizeU. The Globe and Mail article link is below-

The Globe and Mail article


November 14th, 2023

MaximizeU makes it to The Globe and Mail! Article and link is below-

The Globe and Mail article


November 13th, 2023

MaximizeU launches Edgewalker Academy in partnership with Edgewalkers International

With the corporate world pegged to double spending on learning and development over the next five years, Edgewalkers International, a consulting firm focused on leading edge change, has taken its training and coaching portfolio online with the launch of the Edgewalker Academy.

The partnership between Edgewalkers and MaximizeU, an Austin-based technology platform, provides the Edgewalker Academy with the learning management system (LMS) designed by the tech entrepreneur, Sal Celly, who, along with CEO, Laura Celly, unveiled in 2020 and was fast to onboard the abilities of AI.   Details here


November 9th, 2023

MaximizeU and Sal Celly are in the news!  Click here for details


August 31st, 2023

The use of technology in education is crucial, and those companies that are exploring its possibilities are going to be one step ahead of the competition. For the team at MaximizeU, AI is the basis on which individuals and institutions can maximize their potential. In the Education and Training Awards 2023, the team were rewarded for their sterling efforts. We take a closer look to find out more.   MaximizeU receives Training Award


May 1st, 2023

We have added new courses and additional coaches in the areas of K-12 Schools, Project Based Learning, HR & Workplace Safety, Leadership, Health & Wellness,  Addiction Recovery, and Cultural Intelligence.  Please join us in welcoming Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel, Lawrence Coleman, Sandra Bargman, Dr. Judi Neal, Susan Furness, Kristin Ekkens, Chris Harrington, Milaena Ferrarese, Steve Zipkes, Joe Polanin to our coaches and mentors team. We have also added many online assessments including the Edgewalker Assessment, Archetypes of Change, DISC for Kids and many others. We have also added many books in multiple formats-print, ebook, and audiobooks. Check us out at


December 1st, 2022

Development of our AI powered predictive technology dashboard for individuals and organizations has begun where you can customize your growth journey as an individual and as an organization. This is a comprehensive platform that will be available to anyone who wants to maximize potential with an intuitive and powerful graphical user interface along with measurement and resource management over time. This will help reduce absenteeism, turnover, increase employee productivity and loyalty.


November 15th, 2022

MaximizeU is pleased to add a full suite of Leadership & Development courses for leaders that can be taken in a self-paced on demand format or as a live online class or as a live in-person class offered in Austin, TX. Please review the courses available on our website at

Mental Health | Wellbeing | Mindfulness Courses Online – MaximizeU

We have also added Dr. Payal Kumar as our Global Learning & Development specialist and MM Mullick as our HR Consulting specialist to expand the growth solutions offered to individuals and organizations, to maximize potential and customize your growth journey.


October 2nd, 2022

MaximizeU is Growing Stronger for you! We have new solutions, coaches, courses, assessments, merchandise and the brand new MaximizeU Mentor Program for High School students, teachers and corporations.

Laura Celly is now a Certified DISC Assessor and can now analyze the DISC assessment & interpret your specific DISC type (DOMINANCE  INFLUENCE   STEADINESS   CONSCIENTIOUS).These assessments are used by coaches, managers, and leaders around the world to provide immediate insights and in-depth knowledge that might not be obvious from a simple conversation or interview.

New Online Courses: Our 5 new courses are Creating a Winning Culture, What professional salespeople do differently, Developing the right mindset & perspective, The Pathway to lead a more balanced, fulfilled and happier life, and the Art Appreciation & Art History course.

New Podcasts: The fight of two wolves within you, Life Goes On, How do you respond to Adversity, Extreme Accountability & Are you delighting your customer?

New Coaches: Please join us in welcoming Dori Eversmann, Lucia Csoma & Lisa Hammett as our new Life and Business Coaches!

New MaximizeU Mentor Program: This program will help overcome current teacher shortages and burnout by offering personal development and growth strategies to increase positive learning and teaching environments for both teachers and students. Students with a MaximizeU mentor get career development assistance and awareness of diverse and in-demand work related skillsets and expertise.

The program provides local businesses the ability to invest in their employees training, mentoring and growth needs (in-person, remote & self-paced). Businesses can invest in their workforce, while giving back to the community with donated mentorship hours, subscriber memberships, access to online courses, assessments etc.


September 6th, 2022

We have expanded our team of coaches and mentors with the addition of Lonnie Wilson, Ronny Tejeda, Kimberly Burkhart and Sanjay Sinha. These leading practitioners have expertise in the areas of Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership, Consulting, Sales Coaching, Health & Wellness, Communication, Relationships, Parenting, Spiritual Growth, Faith and Goal Achievement.


September 1st, 2022

Today we are so excited to share the launching of our new website and to officially welcome Laura Celly who joins us to lead Marketing & Alliances. We hope you enjoy viewing our latest transformation as we evolve to share our practices with a larger international network. We welcome any feedback and look forward to serving you as a mentor, coach, or more importantly as the guide to your own unique transformational journey. Visit for more information


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