Anger and the Hot Horn Section

What am I grateful for this year? Well, many things… But, thanks, to this election cycle, I’m most grateful for my anger. Yes, I’m really angry, and I own it. I’m angry, saddened, disgusted, horrified… So, this Thanksgiving, I’m going to focus on my anger. What kind of change will it bring? How will I […]

Calibrating Risk

One of the things that distinguishes Edgewalkers, those who walk on the leading edge, is their willingness to take risks that others might not. I define healthy risk-taking as; “The ability to try what hasn’t been tried before, to trust your instincts, and to break new ground.” Because of their interest in exploring what’s over […]

The importance of Self-Awareness

There were three maxims carved into stone at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in Greece, commonly referred to as the Delphi Oracle.  The first maxim, or expression of general truth, was “Know Thyself.”  To “Know Thyself,” or “Self-Awareness,” is foundational to a spiritual life. It is as important for individuals as […]

What Eclipse are you facing in your life?

Eclipse An eclipse is when a celestial body partially or fully blocks another. When celestial bodies line up, they cause an eclipse. Children and parents don’t always behave in alignment. If you have a child and find something they like or are interested in, forfeit your behavior towards it and embrace it. Spend time with […]
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