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7 secrets to self-love

Hi! I’m declaring today SELF-LOVE Day! Love is a Universal language that you can find everywhere you go, but is often lacking in our own hearts. On this journey called life, love is always a beacon of hope, peace and joy.  However, learning to love ourselves unconditionally, can sometimes be challenging. I know it was […]
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Debunking the Myths about Hypnosis

Myths about Hypnosis  Hi, I’m curious, what do you make up about hypnosis? Perhaps you’ll be made to say and do things without your recollection? Or you’ll experience a loss of control or willpower? Maybe you saw something in a movie or in a stage show that lead you to believe it’s dangerous or even […]
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The solution to feeling disconnected

Humans are social beings In a world that is hyper-connected these days, it’s an ironic twist that many of us feel disconnected – from ourselves, our peers, and our communities. Humans by nature are social creatures and yet, we are victims of our own making. Our collective genius and inventiveness have created rapid social change […]
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Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!

We can now bid farewell to this past year of 2023 and step boldly into a new year full of hope and possibilities! What OLD beliefs, habits, fears, or self-doubts do you need to leave behind in your 2023 history book? What NEW mindsets, beliefs and habits do you want to start fresh with in 2024? […]
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