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Reconnecting with Nature: Discovering the Transformational Power of the Outdoors

Since screens dominate much of our lives and distractions abound, the call of the wild presents a much-needed escape. Nature, with its unspoiled landscapes and tranquil beauty, beckons us to reconnect and rediscover its healing presence. This exploration emphasizes the profound connection between humans and nature, showcasing how venturing into the great outdoors not only […]
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Handling Perfectionism Effectively

In my last article about identifying perfectionism in children and teens, I shared how they are increasingly exposed to societal pressures and unrealistic standards perpetuated by social media. The improbable perfect lives displayed has created an epidemic of anxiety, depression, self-doubt and worse.  The statistics are sad and frightening. Yet, for those of us who grew […]
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Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light                                                                                           Appreciating the Flamekeeper By Susan K Furness                                                               Edgewalker Senior Associate I love playing with polarities or opposites. I embrace their […]
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Are you committing to your passion?

 Nelson Mandela said, “There’s no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  Passion is one the five Edgewalker Qualities of Being inherent in those people who are always on the leading edge. Passion is an intense focus on your purpose by […]
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