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What Eclipse are you facing in your life?

Eclipse An eclipse is when a celestial body partially or fully blocks another. When celestial bodies line up, they cause an eclipse. Children and parents don’t always behave in alignment. If you have a child and find something they like or are interested in, forfeit your behavior towards it and embrace it. Spend time with […]
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Don’t you want to know?

Don’t you want to know?When we were young we always needed answers. Children always ask “Why?” They ask questions like “Why did this happen; Why do we have to do that; Why is that; How come?” Even though we ask as children, the funny part of that questioning is we never really grow out of […]
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The proper time

The proper time There exists a proper time for everything. For example, there’s a proper time for when a baby goes from milk to solid food; when a teenager starts to drive; when a young adult becomes old enough to drive, to enlist in the armed services; to legally consume alcohol. None of these occurrences […]
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Light and Dark

Light and dark Have you ever looked up at the clear sky at night and taken in its infinite darkness? If it is overcast, the clouds are difficult to see or make out their shapes. In World Wars the searchlight was a new technology that lit up the sky wherever they were shone to reveal […]
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Destroy or Restore

Destroy or Restore Which do you choose from the two above? There is only one primary force, one single power and dominion over all things. There is one single divine and supernatural entity with three personalities that truly and passionately loves us, restores us, purifies us, leads us to stillness, calmness, and safety from potential […]
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Do you cry?

Cry “Big boys don’t cry,” or “Men don’t cry” were statements told to me when I was young and during much of my life. As a result, I did my best to remain emotionless when crying was most appropriate. Recalling those days, not crying took an effort as if it was going against something, unnatural. […]
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