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Why God?

Why God? How many times has this question been asked both internally and audibly? It is countless. It is certain that such a question has been asked repeatedly by both the believer and the nonbeliever. Some believers say it is wrong to question God. Well, it isn’t. Mankind has been asking God questions all the […]
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I wish I knew that then…

I wish I knew that then… We all have memories of who we were before learning more through life today. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes, or we are guaranteed to repeat them over and over again. Some folks have regrets, too. Regrets are not godly. Living with regret is living in the past when […]
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The Lord Said

The Lord said. Those who truly believe every word of God in the bible believe God spoke everything we experience into existence. God spoke, and it became. God spoke, and something was formed from nothing. God spoke, and Adam and Eve were. We are all here because God said. God also speaks to us. Yes, […]
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Do the Opposite

Do the opposite Every moment in our lives, and moments are more brief than seconds, we have decisions to be made. These decisions are as tangible and visible as deciding to get out of bed each day, taking a shower, getting dressed, what to wear, eating, drinking or leaving the home, etc. There are less […]
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Joyful Joy appears in the bible almost 200 times. Joyful appears almost 60 times. However, the words “joy” and “joyful” appear in the same verse together just 8 times. Joy is something God wants us to experience and often! Because this life is difficult enough and the joy we experience through Him is everlasting. How […]
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Needs versus Wants

Determining which is which can be a successful tactic for managing finances. Differentiating what we truly need is fairly easy. It is air to breath, food, water, shelter, the company of others, and companionship. Some may not agree that they need God, but every soul does. Wants are things we don’t need but are things […]
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