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We are an AI powered technology platform for individuals and institutions to Maximize Potential & Transform for a balanced, happier & impactful life. Lead the life you deserve with freedom, power & peace of mind.

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After more than 35 years in the industry, we enable you to customize your growth plan and lead a happier, balanced and fulfilled life. Reduce Absenteeism, Turnover, increase Productivity & employee Loyalty. With customized solutions for individuals, Corporations and Educational Institutions, we make it easy to invest in yourself, maximize potential and impact.

How can you alter your mindset, attitudes and actions and learn the fundamental values and perspectives to propel your growth? Can this mindset be developed to enhance peace, tranquility and inner happiness? Yes, this can be learned, and we can help.

Our Coaches, Counselors, Team Members and Advisors include Laura Celly, Dr. Judi Neal, Dr. Payal Kumar, Dr. Thomas Zweifel, Milaena Ferrarese, Steve Zipkes, Lisa Hammett, Sal Celly, Dori Eversmann, Lucia Csoma, Joe Polanin, Jeff Mitchell, Travis Carter, Susan Furness, Sandra Bargman, Kristin Ekkens and many more leading practitioners in their respective fields.

We cover areas including sales, Impact, Project Based Learning, Social-emotional learning, relationships, health and mental wellness, and much more, all offered through our customized AI powered, technology platform-MaximizeU

Our professionals

Meet Our Advisory & Leadership Team

Laura Celly - Founder & CEO

Laura Celly

Sal Celly-Mentor & Advisor

Sal Celly

Travis Carter-Advisor & Digital Media

Travis Carter

Digital Marketing & Sales

Lawrence Coleman

Vice President-Sales

Steven Zipkes

Transformative Education Expert

Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel

Business & Strategy

Milaena Ferrarese

Registered Dietician, Nutritionist & Certified Hypnotherapist

Dori Eversmann

Life, Leadership and Business Coach

Jeff Mitchell

Faith & Employee Engagement

Sandra Bargman

Communication, Presence & Impact Coach

Chris Harrington

Behavior Modification Specialist

Mark Allen Stuart

Entrepreneurial & Early Stage Finance Expert
Payal Kumar

Dr. Payal Kumar

Global Learning & Development

Amy Lynn Durham

Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Executive Coach

Dr. Judi Neal

Global Leader of Spirituality in the Workplace

Lisa Hammett

Success & Mental Fitness Coach

Joe Polanin

Operations & Innovation

Janet Sharkis

Psychotherapist & Licensed Professional Counselor

Kristin Ekkens

Cultural Intelligence & Diversity Specialist

Paul Kirch

Marketing & Brand

John Cottrell

Psychologist & Yoga Instructor

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