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Anger and the Hot Horn Section

What am I grateful for this year? Well, many things… But, thanks, to this election cycle, I’m most grateful for my anger. Yes, I’m really angry, and I own it. I’m angry, saddened, disgusted, horrified… So, this Thanksgiving, I’m going to focus on my anger. What kind of change will it bring? How will I […]
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This morning I took my coffee outside, stepping out on the patio of my home in the Catskill Mountains, still wet with morning dew. There is very little birdsong at this time of the year, but I could hear my Cardinal singing in the distance. And not 10 feet from where I had paused on […]
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Creativity Can Heal

Grieving is inevitable I’ve been thinking a lot about broken hearts recently. Whether it’s death by a thousand cuts over a long period of time or a dramatic, instantaneous loss, heart ache is pulsating in my awareness. Grieving is not a skill that society teaches or supports, particularly here in the Western world. In fact, […]
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Is Happiness Really A Choice?

“Happiness is a choice.” That is the quote I have as part of my email signature. It’s my quote; although I rest assured, I am not the first person to utter those words. I wish I had a buck for every time someone commented on that quote. I think happiness IS a choice. But I’m […]
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The Joyful Teachers

Today is the anniversary of my beloved Mother’s passing. It’s not an easy day for me… and this could very easily be a real downer for the topic of this article. But the truth is I see it a day to celebrate her life, and mine.  I have also come to realize that by sharing […]
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