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Are you a Visionary?

Each month I host an open teleconference on some topic of interest to Edgewalkers. The purpose of these teleconferences is to help grow our Edgewalker community and to support and inspire people who feel called to live on the edge of what’s possible in the world.

This month’s topic was “Edgewalkers as Visionaries.” Visioning is one of the five qualities of an Edgewalker, and Edgewalkers literally have visions. They are deeply interested in the potential of the future and have a longing to contribute to a better world. This longing is natural in all human beings, but is definitely more pronounced in some people. Often it is the result of some difficult and life transforming event that resulted in personal suffering. The Edgewalker is motivated to help prevent that suffering for others by some positive action in the world.

In our call this month, we explored the question of “What enhances your ability to be a visionary?” Caring about the future, and believing that a better future is possible is essential. One resource that inspires the possibility of a better future is John Renesch’s book “Getting to the Better Future.” 

A third relevant resource is Stephen Pinker’s video on “The Myth of Violence”

TED Talk

Edgewalkers look for evidence of the evolution of human consciousness, with the belief that what you pay attention to grows.

Many people assume that visionaries are impractical, but Edgewalkers are known for their ability to have visions and then to manifest them. Tom Anderson describes a vision as a feeling like you are receiving a direct electrical charge of electricity from a power plant, and that the only way you can communicate it to others and move forward is to step it down through a series of transformers. 

Others speak about the manifesting process as one of breaking things up into smaller, manageable steps. A critical factor is having a community or a coach that helps you clarify your vision and holds you accountable for actions that you say you will take.

I would love to hear from you about any examples of a vision that you have been able to make into a reality. 

For questions or to schedule a complimentary discussion on how you can strengthen your Vision capabilities to maximize team potential and transform to lead a balanced, impactful and significant life, please email me at

You can also check out my course on Spiritual Leadership for Sustainable Change Here

Live, Work and Lead with greater Freedom, Power and Peace of Mind.



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