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Customized Coaching

Good morning, everyone. Custom coaching is crucial in all aspects of our lives – whether it’s personal, relationships, work, productivity, impact, or effectiveness. It helps us focus on areas of improvement and self-development, rather than solely relying on our existing strengths. To achieve this, it is important to identify the specific areas where coaching and […]
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Obstacles- Maximus U

When Faced with an Obstacle, What do you do?

Hello, everyone! Today, I want to delve into an important topic: how to overcome obstacles that arise in both our personal and professional lives. Whether we encounter minor hiccups, significant challenges, or seemingly insurmountable roadblocks, it’s crucial to consider our reaction to these obstacles. Some individuals become overwhelmed, succumbing to emotional distress or paralyzing inertia. […]
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Upside-of-Uncertainty-Maximize U

The Upside of Uncertainty

The Upside of Uncertainty-by Sanjay Sinha We cover by default the Downside of Uncertainty by taking appropriate Insurance cover to feel secure and comfortable. Do you know there are organizations which cover the Upside of Uncertainty and they call it Reverse Insurance? As a leader of a major Gambling organization explained, “We sell reverse insurance” […]
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Why mentoring?

Why Mentoring? by Laura Celly Mentor Definition According to Oxford Dictionary, a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser; according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. When you think about every great book there seems to always be a trusted guide or adviser.  In Harry Potter, it was Albus […]
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Forgiveness-Maximize U

Forgiveness Has Power

Forgiveness holds immense power and carries significant importance in both personal and professional aspects of our lives. At some point, we have all experienced situations where we were hurt or wronged by individuals or organizations. These experiences naturally evoke resentment and the desire for revenge. However, holding onto negative emotions and seeking retaliation only perpetuates […]
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