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We customize your growth plan, to maximize impact and achieve your desired goals.

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We are a learning platform to maximize potential & transform for a balanced, happier and impactful life.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or losing control, impact and significance? Are you struggling to be an effective salesperson or a results-oriented leader? Do you want to improve the quality of your relationships? We enable you to live the life you want & deserve.

Mental wellness, physical health and overall balance is the key to success. Even though, Depression, Anxiety & Stress cost over $1 Trillion annually in lost productivity, we don’t know how to manage, sustain, and regain our work-life harmony. Trapped & sub-optimal potential leads to underperformance, accelerating burnouts and careers plummeting. Let us show you how to lead the life you deserve and maximize your potential.


Our Solutions enable you to Maximize
Potential & Transform. Reduce
Absenteeism, Turnover, increase
Productivity & Employee Loyalty.


Customized Coaching

We have a flexible, high trust environment that is focused, and personalized to your specific needs and growth.

Choose based on your starting point and desired goals across mental wellness, sales, leadership, emotional intelligence, spiritual wellbeing, relationships and more.


Technology Growth Platform

Customize your specific growth with the optimal combination of learning, mentoring, interaction and measurement.

Access anytime, anywhere with predictive analytics and rebalance over time as you evolve. Gain actionable insights to implement today.


Learning & Development

Learn and develop anytime, and anywhere, leveraging a single technology platform with an intuitive, simple and engaging user experience.

With videos, podcasts, learning, coaching, events & masterclasses, we have you covered.


Maximize Potential & Transform for a balanced, happier & impactful life

The prevalence of chronic, inactivity-related diseases is increasing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in two people in the U.S. has at least one chronic health condition-stress, poor physical and mental wellness and an unbalanced lifestyle.

Your diet, sleep, exercise and relationships impact overall wellbeing. Focus on acquiring outdated & irrelevant skills, negatively impacts real-world competencies, compounding stress, anxiety and imbalanced living.

Soft skills

Individual subscription plans to maximize potential and start transforming.

  • Access to all Podcast episodes
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  • Access to Is 86 Good Enough? ebook by Sal Celly-Maximize Potential and Customize your Growth Journey
  • Access to Sales Execution course
  • Access to Cockpit course by Dr. Thomas Zweifel-Realize all your commitments with Freedom, Power & Peace of Mind
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  • All Gold items access
  • Access to one 30 minute personalized, live one-on-one coaching session and the Edgewalker Assessment
  • Signed, print copy of Is 86 Good Enough book
  • 15% discount on additional online courses purchased within one year of subscription enrollment
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  • All Diamond items access
  • Access to one 60 minute personalized, live one-on-one coaching session, the DISC assessment, and the Bossacademy assessment
  • 15% discount on individual customized coaching packages purchased within one year of the Platinum subscription enrollment
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