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Each person learns differently based on their learning style. Some prefer visual learning, other audio based learning, some prefer self-paced on-demand learning or live online instructor led, while others still prefer the traditional in-person classroom style instructor led learning. Whatever your learning preference is, we’ve got you covered. With multiple learning options and many courses to choose from in the critical areas of Leadership & Team Management, Sales & Negotiation and the Fundamentals to Leading a Balanced Life, you can learn anytime, anywhere and in your preferred learning style.

For those that like a less formal learning environment without the structure of lessons, classes, quizzes and grades, we have multiple options with curated content in key areas in multiple formats including videos, podcasts, resources, blogs and safe-spaces for interaction with privacy, security and confidentiality in built into the learning framework and technology platform. For any questions or clarifications, please email us at coach@maximizeu.life

Learning & Development Framework

The role of a Learning Community-Edgewalker Cafe webinar


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