MaximizeU K-12 School Solutions


What it is & its purpose:

Due to market trends, post Covid-19 education learning deficits and constrained school budgets, there is a critical need for social-emotional learning, and personal growth development for high school students, administrators, leaders, teachers and early career employees. Altering your pedagogy can be overwhelming, and at times, it can be difficult to see the benefit of changing your practice at all.

We engage with you to empower Education Practitioners and students to redesign educational systems for deeper learning through innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication, and agency. Through Advanced Reasoning Global Project-Based Learning Academies, our trainers, through our actual, relevant, 100% PBL classroom experience, share our deeper learning 21st-century design through interactive, authentic project development to provide you with the knowledge and materials to create a learning environment that rekindles your passion for teaching and your student’s interest in learning. Our innovative methods have been tested and proven in the classroom. See Video here

Through our collaboration with Advanced Reasoning in Education (ARIE), we are strengthening the practices of deeper learning processes and systems globally. After 10 years of impacting 21st-century education and influencing educators and leaders from all over the world, former founding principal of Manor New Technology High School, Steven Zipkes, has expanded his school redesign vision of creativity, deeper learning practices, and systemic change that transformed an idea into a Nationally Recognized, 100%Project Based Learning STEM School, and formed Advanced Reasoning In Education. See Video here

We offer Project Based Learning (PBL) Training in multiple formats-online self paced, live-instructor led online, in-person live, and in a hybrid format. Our Asynchronous and Live training solutions include- Think Global PBL Academy, Think Global PBL Leadership, Think Global PBL PRECEPTOR Coaching, Think Global PBL Next Steps Academy, Think Global PBL Coaching Internship Residency and more. What is PBL?

We also provide Leadership Training, Interviewing Training & Coaching,  Student, Teachers & Administrators’ DISC Assessments, a K-12 AI Powered technology platform to maximize human potential and multiple courses and mentorship options.

MaximizeU K-12 Schools & Higher-Ed Solutions

For details, please email us at Our 3 Day Training covers the following areas:

Day 1- Project Launch, Project Ideation, Entry Events

Day 2- Rubrics, Scaffolding, Assessments, Project Calendars

Day 3- Project Management, Breakout Workshops, Presentations, Critical Friends


Founded with the aim to provide schools, administrators and students with strong, positive role models & to empower them to achieve their true potential, corporations and local businesses can also get involved and make an impact.  School Success Video

STEM Leader Video

For Schools & Students:

Enable students to mature mentally & emotionally and prepare them for secondary education. Students with a MaximizeU mentor get career development assistance and awareness of diverse and in-demand work related skillsets and expertise. The program will help overcome current teacher shortages and burnout by offering personal development and growth strategies to increase positive learning and teaching environments for both teachers and students. It will connect students, teachers and businesses with SMEs in varied fields like coaching, mentorship, training, public speaking, sales, faith & spirituality.

Continuous Investments in Technology and Digital Assets with ease of access and anytime, anywhere learning will give practical and relevant life-skills to school leaders, teachers, administrators and students, better preparing them for their future, and enabling them to maximize human potential and impact.



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