Month: June 2024


For or against?

For or against? From what perspective do you communicate, discuss, present, or even argue a point? Are you so confident that you focus on  what you are for, or are you so fearful, anxious, and controlling that you present only what you are against? The former can be a service and devotion from love, while […]
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Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Safe harbor, as defined by Merriam Webster, is something that provides protection. Ultimately, God the Father provides safe harbor to all mankind if they choose to let go and let God. Safe harbor can also be mankind’s illusion of remaining safe in a familiar and stagnant port. In a familiar harbor, we will […]
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The Transformative Impact of AI on Marketing

Bridging Creativity and Technology in an Automated World Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of marketing, merging creativity with cutting-edge technology to revolutionize how businesses reach their audiences. This transformation, while promising unprecedented levels of personalization and efficiency, also brings forth ethical and legal challenges that marketers must address responsibly. The Creative Edge of […]
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