Month: March 2024


The Roar of The More

Discover the Upgraded YOU That is Emerging The theme of expansion shouts in my mind, my heart, my gut. It speaks of being more engaged and excited about life, living larger and deeper, and becoming the person I am intended to be. It expresses itself in joy and it urges me to forge new connections […]
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The proper time

The proper time There exists a proper time for everything. For example, there’s a proper time for when a baby goes from milk to solid food; when a teenager starts to drive; when a young adult becomes old enough to drive, to enlist in the armed services; to legally consume alcohol. None of these occurrences […]
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Your thoughts have power

You Can Depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental disorders are costing employers over $1 trillion a year. That is due to lost productivity, absenteeism, turnover, disguised unemployment, poor mental health, and sick days. This is a significant cost that negatively impacts human capital and the organization’s financials, customers, sales, and brand equity. Stress Kills When […]
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Light and Dark

Light and dark Have you ever looked up at the clear sky at night and taken in its infinite darkness? If it is overcast, the clouds are difficult to see or make out their shapes. In World Wars the searchlight was a new technology that lit up the sky wherever they were shone to reveal […]
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How to regain your Flow

Hi there! Given the intense strife that is happening all around us, it’s important to remember to find your flow. Have you experienced Flow? To share your unique gifts in the world in the best ways that you know how to live life from a place of meaning and purpose. Yet, when the madness of […]
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Destroy or Restore

Destroy or Restore Which do you choose from the two above? There is only one primary force, one single power and dominion over all things. There is one single divine and supernatural entity with three personalities that truly and passionately loves us, restores us, purifies us, leads us to stillness, calmness, and safety from potential […]
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