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How is Technology innovation & Digital Transformation impacting human life?

How adaptable are you to rapid change? The time has come when digital transformation is moving from being a nice-to-have compelling technology concept for many, to a business-critical must-have necessity for all. Gartner and IDC both predict that in a multiplied innovation economy built on emerging technologies, both IT and business leaders must reinvent and […]
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Cultivating Sustainable Excellence: The High Performer’s Guide to Managing Perfectionism

At some point in your life, perhaps a mentor, a parent, or a colleague may have instilled in you unusually high standards. An unrelenting mantra of “Do more. Be more” may have formed the bedrock of your subconscious belief system. Such persistent pressure for perfection can influence your behaviors, habits, and, ultimately, your professional identity. […]
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The importance of asking better questions

Forget the Sales Pitch “If you’re telling you’re selling and no one wants to be sold.” I coined this phrase when I launched my first company in 2009, a sales coaching and consulting agency that focused upon relationship building strategies. ☝ I saw that most individuals attempting to sell were too often focused upon a […]
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