Month: August 2023


Assumptions Can Lead to Fear

Assumptions can lead to Fear We all have moments where we’re stuck by fear. I’ve been there, have you? Here are a few fears that often hold me back: 1. Fear of failure 2. Fear of rejection 3. Fear of the unknown What I realized is that most of my fears are rooted in the […]
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Are you focusing on the Truth?

Pay attention to The Truth The devil wants you to pay attention to your feeling. Jesus wants you to pay attention to His truth.” Dr. Tony Evans preached so well on marriage recently, and that statement jumped out at me. The word “feeling” is mentioned in the bible just 3 times, while “feel” is mentioned […]
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This morning I took my coffee outside, stepping out on the patio of my home in the Catskill Mountains, still wet with morning dew. There is very little birdsong at this time of the year, but I could hear my Cardinal singing in the distance. And not 10 feet from where I had paused on […]
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Creativity Can Heal

Grieving is inevitable I’ve been thinking a lot about broken hearts recently. Whether it’s death by a thousand cuts over a long period of time or a dramatic, instantaneous loss, heart ache is pulsating in my awareness. Grieving is not a skill that society teaches or supports, particularly here in the Western world. In fact, […]
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Breakdown to Breakthrough

Many Breakthroughs were born out of Breakdowns  Hi, I trust you and yours are well. Thank you always for reading my books and free bi-monthly broadcasts and using my tools and strategies for winning in a VUCA world with freedom, power and peace of mind.* *You probably know by now: VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, […]
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