Month: December 2023


No More New Year resolutions ?

Don’t make any New Year’s resolutions. Instead, do what’s important right now, all day today, and every day. Think strategically and prioritize well. Plan effectively and minimize assumptions. Make great decisions. Commit to our decisions, take action, and follow through to completion. Elevate, uplift, empower, and inspire those whom we lead, and those whom we […]
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Do the Opposite

Do the opposite Every moment in our lives, and moments are more brief than seconds, we have decisions to be made. These decisions are as tangible and visible as deciding to get out of bed each day, taking a shower, getting dressed, what to wear, eating, drinking or leaving the home, etc. There are less […]
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The Power of saying No

Hi everyone, its Sal Celly-hope you all had an awesome weekend. Today is Friday, and it’s about 5:45 am. It’s a nice, chilly day in Austin today. I wanted to do discuss the power of saying No. Saying Yes, when it impacts you negatively is not a good strategy We have grown up in a […]
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What does empowerment mean to you?

What does a 16-year-old girl from Pakistan have to teach us about empowerment? A lot, as I discovered in my inspiring conversation with Raheen Fatima. Raheen started her journey to empower others after seeing the struggles of people in her community. She realized she wanted to help, though at first she wasn’t sure how. Over […]
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Joyful Joy appears in the bible almost 200 times. Joyful appears almost 60 times. However, the words “joy” and “joyful” appear in the same verse together just 8 times. Joy is something God wants us to experience and often! Because this life is difficult enough and the joy we experience through Him is everlasting. How […]
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