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Key Leadership Lessons…

Three key learnings to share from this unprecedented gathering — a team of teams — with global, transformative, and selfless leaders & co-creators: 1️⃣ Great leaders are humble— what they do isn’t about them, it’s about developing new leaders to exceed expectations. 2️⃣ Don’t quit ever— when pursuing a bold goal, don’t give up, and […]
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What mindset do you have ?

Your mindset determines your attitude and your outcome “What’s can’t? There’s no can’t!” ~Mickey Goldmill “There is no try. There is only do or do not.” ~Yoda Wisdom from two remarkable coaches and trainers who inspired their warriors to overcome incredible odds. What separates can from can’t? What distinguishes do from don’t? It’s the sheer […]
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No More New Year resolutions ?

Don’t make any New Year’s resolutions. Instead, do what’s important right now, all day today, and every day. Think strategically and prioritize well. Plan effectively and minimize assumptions. Make great decisions. Commit to our decisions, take action, and follow through to completion. Elevate, uplift, empower, and inspire those whom we lead, and those whom we […]
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What is important to you?

Priorities are Important What’s important matters. What isn’t doesn’t. What great leaders Prioritize Great leaders think strategically and establish priorities. They commit to achieving those priorities. They don’t get distracted by what’s not important. They take prudent risk and deliberate action with precision and accuracy. Great leaders galvanize their teams to exceed expectations. How do […]
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