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Service and Sacrifice

For nearly 30 years, November has been National Veterans and Military Families month. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been part of a Military Family, and my father has been my Veteran hero. He made an uncertain voyage across the Atlantic from Eastern Europe to America in 1930 when he was 9 years […]
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The Five Principles of Winning Operations

5 Principles of Winning Operations The Five Principles of Winning Operations are Communication, Honor, Support, Curiosity, and Caring. Whether you have been an operator for many years or are just getting started in your new profession, congratulations! The Principles of Winning Operations, honed over decades of successful military operations with elite teams in high-risk environments, […]
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Happy Fathers Day

I hope you had a great Fathers Day weekend, this previous Sunday the 18th of June, and you took the time to thank the one who sacrificed, persevered and led courageously, so that you can be here today and lead the life you do. I learned how to lead from my Father who made an […]
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