Customized Coaching


Customized Coaching

Through our AI powered, predictive technology platform for individuals and organizations, you can now customize your growth journey through a single, comprehensive dashboard, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device. Based on an initial psychometric assessment, the starting point will be determined which will show you your strengths and areas of opportunity for further development.

Based on that, a personalized growth plan can be chosen with flexible payment models- outcome based or T&M based with convenient monthly payment options where you can choose from existing subscription packages or create your own unique Maximize Potential Fund(MPF) which can be allocated amongst multiple growth avenues based on your specific needs- area specific coaching (leadership, communication, sales, teamwork, faith, relationships, Emotional Quotient, Health & Wellness, Mindset etc.), counseling, training and development (live online classes, in person classes or self-paced online programs), masterclasses and events(online or live in person), safe spaces(to interact and collaborate with other professionals with similar profiles and growth needs), videos, blogs, podcasts, resources etc.

As you grow and develop over time, the measurement and predictive analytics will be a pro-active indicator on your progress and evolution success and will offer suggestions on how to optimize your growth and achieve your desired objectives. This will be based on numerous metrics and data points based on your profile, development areas, other users, star-performers behaviors, time-frame, MPF amount available etc. For any questions or clarifications, please email us at

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