Meta Shapers offer a suite of professional services

  • Alison Alexander

Alison Alexander offers a suite of professional services designed to guide and empower strategic leaders and organizations. Here's what you can engage Alison for:

  • Tailored Coaching and Mentorship: Ideal for strategic leaders and those aiming for senior executive roles. Alison provides personalized guidance to refine your leadership skills, strategic thinking, and practical application of innovative technologies in your field.

      Pricing: £300 per hour.

  • Specialized Training: Engage in comprehensive training sessions crafted to enhance your team's capabilities in navigating and excelling in the digital economy. Alison's training covers a range of topics tailored to your organization's needs, from leveraging Web3 technologies to implementing effective public engagement strategies.

      Pricing: £800 per day.

  • Engaging Speaking Engagements: Alison delivers captivating and insightful talks, sharing her vast experiences and knowledge to inspire and inform audiences. Her speaking engagements are perfect for conferences, seminars, and corporate events, providing valuable perspectives on leadership, technology, and societal advancement.

    : £600 per event.

For a transformative and empowering experience, consider contracting Alison's services. Each offering is an investment in future-proofing your leadership and organizational prowess in an ever-evolving digital world.


Alongside the opportunity to contract Alison, you also have the option to engage Metacampus for a broader organizational development. All assignments with Metacampus are priced individually to meet your specific needs and include:

  • Comprehensive Training on the New Digital Ecosystem: Metacampus provides extensive training programs designed to navigate and thrive in the digital economy. These sessions are tailored to your organization's requirements, ensuring your team understands and can leverage the latest digital trends, tools, and strategies effectively.

  • Strategic Leadership Coaching (Group or Individual): Whether you're looking to develop your leadership team or provide individual executives with targeted growth opportunities, Metacampus offers strategic leadership coaching. This service is designed to enhance decision-making skills, foster innovative thinking, and prepare leaders for the challenges of guiding teams in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

For a customized, impactful experience that aligns with your specific goals and challenges, consider contracting both Alison Alexander for her individualized services and Metacampus for comprehensive organizational development. Each engagement is an investment in the future, ensuring you and your team are well-equipped to lead and succeed in the new digital ecosystem. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our services to your unique needs and help drive your organization forward.

  • Dr. Annelize Booysen

Dr Annelize Booysen is an avid advocate for small businesses, working to ensure that they too benefit from Web 3 and the metaverse, even on a small budget. The following are her service offerings:

  • Web3Edge Strategy: A 12-week individual consulting package where we find the opportunities within your business, create strategies around these and design the pathway to successfully reach them. This highly focussed plan - designed for your business and your industry - is complemented with weekly check in and feedback sessions to monitor progress, iron out wrinkles and identify emerging opportunities. Optional extra: implementation teams to ensure successful integration and adoption of Web3 technologies in your enterprise.

      Pricing: $3,500

  • Web3Edge - Your Advantage: In a world where staying ahead means embracing change, Web3Edge is your pathway to mastering AI and Web3 in business.

    Web3Edge is more than just a course – it's a shift in perspective. Designed for forward-thinking business owners, it teaches you to reimagine your approach and capitalize on digital evolution.

    • Expand your Reach: Use AI to identify new business avenues and optimize your operations.se AI to identify new business avenues and optimize your operations.
    • Adapt & Thrive: Embrace Web3 to modernize your business and keep pace with digital advancements.
    • Smart Strategies: Gain practical skills for smarter decision-making in finance and marketing.

    Curriculum: Web3Edge has a unique, holistic approach, exploring how AI and Web3 can be applied to not just one area of your business, but the top 10 challenges that any entrepreneur faces.

    We delve into every key aspect of business, looking at how AI and Web3 can be used to your advantage. From sustainability to business growth to delivering on your customer promise, frontier tech can make a difference.

    1. Cash Flow Mastery: Financial Fortitude with AI & Web3: Unlock the secrets to robust cash flow management using cutting-edge technologies
    2. Digital Marketing Revolution: Winning Customers in the Web3 Era: Transform your customer acquisition strategy with innovative AI and Web3 tools.
    3. Profitability Blueprint: Sustaining Success in a Changing Market: Navigate the complexities of maintaining profitability with smart tech solutions.
    4. Talent Triumph: Building Exceptional Teams with Modern Tech: Master the art of talent acquisition and retention in the digital age.
    5. Compliance Confidence: Navigating Regulatory Waters with AI: Stay ahead of regulatory challenges using AI-driven compliance strategies.
    6. Funding Futures: Financing Your Growth with Web3 Innovations: Explore novel funding avenues with the power of Web3 and decentralized finance.
    7. Scaling Strategies: Expanding Your Business Horizon: Drive business growth and scalability with practical AI and Web3 insights.
    8. Efficiency Unleashed: Time Management in the Tech Era: Reclaim your time with AI efficiencies, enhancing business operations and productivity.
    9. Market Agility: Navigating Economic Shifts with AI Insights: Equip your business to adapt and thrive amid economic uncertainties using AI.
    10. Digital Destiny: Transform and Triumph in the Web3 World: Embrace the future by integrating AI and Web3 into your business for a competitive edge.

      Monthly 8-10 am or 4 - 6 pm New York
      Covers different enterprise sizes and different levels of complexity.
      Big-picture context with ground-level tools in practical, hands on workshops.

      Pricing: $97 per workshop or $970 for 10 workshops and receive the Web3Edge toolkit (including a curated resources list, templates & checklists and a feedback voucher)