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Finding Real Connection: The First Step to Living a Cageless Life – STOP

I’ll never forget the day I was traveling for work – again – and my husband sent me a message out of the blue that said, “Thought of you when I heard this.” It was a link to Francesca Battistelli’s song “When the Crazy Kicks In”. It made me laugh, tugged at my heart a little, and had a great title! It was also a great reminder that in the busyness that is our lives – the plates we try to keep spinning in the air – we have an opportunity to face each day with a real connection with God.


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How? First, by connecting with our Creator and tapping into the power and strength that the Holy Spirit can provide. Second, by keeping hearts and minds open to connecting with our souls. So often today we are chasing things – jobs, status, cars, houses, “the best”. In reality, true success is tapping into our soul, connecting with the Creator of the universe, and walking the divine path He has in mind for our lives.


What steps can we take to find that connection? It’s as simple as STOP and START.


Finding Deeper Connection by Learning to STOP


First, we need to STOP. I don’t mean just stop doing anything. That would be silly and you’d probably want to stop reading right now because clearly, I don’t understand just how busy life is! Instead, STOP incorporates 4 basic steps toward improving our connection with God.







Stillness. In a world filled with busyness and ceaseless distractions, we often don’t take time to just be still. We struggle to find a place for it in our chaotic schedules, often compromising our much-needed rest. Between kids, pets, spouses, work, responsibilities, and all the technology we have around us clamoring for our attention, who has time to be still? I don’t know about you, but sometimes stillness looks like crashing on my pillow at night. Embracing stillness provides an invaluable opportunity to quiet our minds, engage in contemplation, and foster a deeper connection with both ourselves and God. To truly hear His voice, we must prioritize these moments of stillness.


Time. The partner of Stillness is Time. It is our most valuable resource. Dedicating routine time is key. This could be in the morning before your day starts with something as simple as taking a few minutes in the morning for a devotional you read on your phone. Maybe it’s stepping outside and just looking up and around you during a lunch break. Perhaps it’s taking a few minutes to capture in a journal one moment from the day for which you are grateful just before your head hits the pillow. Consistency is key. Start small and you may just find yourself doing these things automatically as part of your routine.


Openness. This is another required ingredient to the process. Openness involves being receptive to guidance. It is actively seeking to understand and align with God’s will in your decisions and actions, listening to that still, small voice within – the voice of conscience, intuition, or the Holy Spirit. It is accepting that some things are beyond our control and learning to navigate and adapt to life’s changes with an open heart. An open heart and mind are key to tuning in to what matters most, gaining insights into where we can improve our connection, and where we can better serve Him. It aids in discerning God’s guidance and paying attention to nudges, signs, or a sense of peace that aligns with your faith and beliefs.


Prayer. This doesn’t have to be anything formal or perfect. In fact, Rom 8:26 (MSG) tells us that the Holy Spirit “is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans.” It’s a two-way street where we can practice openness, sharing what’s on our hearts and hearing what God has to say. Feel strange praying out loud? Find that you get lost in your thoughts when you try to keep it all as a dialogue in your head? I have found two easy ways around both obstacles! First, I find sitting outside and just letting my soul connect to the nature around me, appreciating the small birds that are flitting around, or the small flower that is coming up between the rocks. He’s there. Second, try writing it down. I often find that I am more open and receptive to that two-way dialogue when I am writing. In fact, it’s how this article got its start! We just need to take the time and be still.


What do you think?


In our next installment, we will continue to explore ways toward finding deeper connection by diving into what will START to happen once we learn to STOP.


In the meantime, how does this resonate with you? What steps can you begin taking today to STOP and begin your journey to deepen your connection to God?


For questions or to schedule a complimentary coaching session on how you can leverage STOP to maximize potential and transform to lead a balanced, happier and impactful life, email me at


Live, Work and Lead with greater Freedom, Power and Peace of Mind.

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