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Reiki, Tarot Cards & Human Design
Jen is the Founder of Random Happiness Inc. and is based in San Diego, California. Her personal mission is to help everyone find joy in this beautiful gift of life we’ve been given.

Jen specializes in stress reduction through distance Reiki energy work, which is like acupuncture without the needles! Reiki means universal life energy and as a Reiki master, Jen is able to transmit this healing energy, resulting in relaxation and promoting health. For those seeking guidance and direction, Jen uses the Tarot cards to share messages helping us to make decisions resulting in the greatest good for ourselves and those around us.

As a Human Design reader and guide, Jen uses your birth time, date, and location to help you understand your unique energetic makeup. Her Human Design readings shed light on your energy type, how you’re meant to share your energy with your environment, decision making, and practical ways to optimize your energy based on your design in order for you to live your most aligned life. Jen offers Human Design workshops for groups, teams, couples, and parents.

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