Joe Polanin


Joe Polanin

Operations & Innovation

Captain Joe Polanin (US Navy, retired) has advised the President of the United States, the National Security Council, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, and many senior defense officials and military officers from the U.S. and allied nations in national security matters including geo-political risk, strategic communication, public relations, intelligence oversight, strategic planning, technology, training and education, financial risk, legal and policy compliance.

Joe has led and managed global teams as large as 412K people with a $518B annual budget and has 20+ years of successful Command leadership for global organizations developing and communicating bold vision, synthesizing enterprises to achieve that vision, and inspiring extraordinarily talented people to achieve aggressive goals early and under budget.

Joe has a Bachelors in Science from the United States Naval Academy, a Masters of Arts from the College of International Security Affairs and an MBA from Grand Canyon University and is based in Florida.


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