Lisa Hammett


Lisa Hammett

Success & Mental Fitness Coach

Lisa is an author, TEDx Speaker and a high-performance Success Coach based at McKinney, Texas. Are you burned out, exhausted, and emotionally spent? Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what you need to do? Has self-care become a luxury? Do you reach for food as a source of comfort, only to find that it’s ultimately making you feel worse? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Is your health suffering? Lisa helps business executives develop mental fitness so they can manage stress, prevent burnout, and get healthy, so they can live their happiest, healthiest, and most successful life. 

TEDx Video on Breakthrough Stress & Fear

Video on Developing Sustainable Healthy Habits

Client success stories include:

* Significant reduction in stress and anxiety by creating a balanced life
* Weight loss
* Improved health
* Development of sustainable healthy habits (mind and body)
* Releasing limiting beliefs and creating space for growth
* Development of a laser focused Vision for goal achievement
* Building strong confidence
* Positive mindset shift
* Improved relationships
* Transition from toxic work environments to careers aligned with their values, passions, and strengths


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