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In the discipline of Human Resources, we hire based on Knowledge Skills, and Abilities (KSAs), and fire for behavior. To be truthful, I have never fired anyone. They come and ask me to sign a paper and then walk them out the door for not being accountable.

What does Accountability Mean to You

Accountability. What comes to your mind when hearing this word, a fruitless effort, painful change from a behavior, or love for another in counsel and service?
Accountability defined can be: responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations; liability to account for conduct,

Components of Accountability

What accountability means to me is transparency, honesty, integrity, and the willingness to live there no matter what. It means having friends nearby who hold me accountable, accountability partners, that ask questions about where I am struggling and how that is going. God asked where  Adam was in the Garden of Eden. God knew geographically where Adam was. He was asking where Adam was accounting for his actions, where he was spiritually.
Accountability can be difficult when we are not in obedience to God or whatever we are responsible for at the time. Proverbs 27:17 reminds me of heat, forging steel, sparks flying, and smoke billowing up to the sky. It can be painful, but it will always be healthy for me spiritually. It makes me stretch, reach, grow, and mature in Christ Jesus and all I do.

Accountability in Action

I strongly encourage you to be accountable to someone. Meet them regularly and discuss what few know about your struggles. Confess your weaknesses and spend time in prayer with one another. The friendships you forge will be eternal. The results you receive can be life changing. Your faith can also be strengthened to fortify you in times of future struggles. We at MaximizeU can help you with our fundamental courses to be accountable. Be accountable in service to someone today.
Mark 10:45

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”


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