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Be candid and honest in your communication

Good Morning, everyone, hope you all are doing great, and you had a nice Thanksgiving break and holiday. Today, I want to review the importance of candid discussion and communication. This is so critical in your personal life and in your work life that it cannot be overstated.

The downside of being too polite

Many times, we tend to be too polite. We tend to not try to ruffle the feathers, and we don’t convey how we actually feel-this is counterproductive. It’s important to convey clearly and specifically what you felt about a particular situation-it is important to say no, it is important to push back when the demand is unreasonable.

When somebody did something that you did not like, it is important to be very specific and clarify why it was not appropriate for what the person did or said, and why you want that action to stop. If you do not push back and you do not convey how you felt, and you do not say no, then that behavior will continue. It will hurt you in the long run. So please do yourself a favor and do the other person a favor and be candid, and frank and honest in your feedback.

Don’t be a jerk 

You don’t have to be a jerk about it. You don’t have to be disrespectful, or harsh or attack the other person, but in a respectful way, but firmly, be frank about how you felt and why what the other person did was not correct and why you want that behavior to stop. This is very relevant in your personal life and in your work life.

As an example, if you were doing a webinar, and one of the participants said something that was out of the ordinary or interrupted your flow, after the webinar is over, you need to go back to that particular person and tell them, what they did was inappropriate and why. And that it needs to stop. Share with them why it was inappropriate and moving forward, that you don’t expect this to happen again, and so on and so forth. It’s very important to do that.

Push back and say no where appropriate 

If in your personal life, you are already in an engagement, and somebody tells you to get to another place at a specific time, instead of trying to rush to get to that appointment, you need to push back and say no- “I cannot do it at that time because I’m already engaged in something else. Let’s reschedule it or push it back.” The last thing you want to do is to say yes to everybody, and as a result cause harm, tension, discomfort, stress, anxiety and pressure for yourself. That does not help. So please, it’s okay to push back. It’s okay to ruffle some feathers. It’s okay to not always be making friends with everybody. People will respect you when you convey your point of view.

Be specific, candid and concise

Specifically, honestly, candidly, and frankly explain why that must stop. If you don’t do that, the other person will never know, and that behavior will continue. It will magnify and compound over time, and will negatively impact your balance, productivity, effectiveness, and your peace of mind. Do yourself a favor and do the other person a favor and be candid in your communication, even when and most importantly when, the feedback is negative.

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