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The Importance of Coaching

Hi everyone, its Sal Celly. Hope you all are doing well. I’m over here watching my son Syrus play his soccer game. It’s a great example of many things that you can learn in life. One, the importance of coaching. The same people, and the same players can do so much better if they have the right coach. That’s where the coach comes in. It’s not to tell them what they’re doing wrong. But to enable them and to give them some pointers, which will help them get better, and move from a six or a seven to an eight or a nine. It’s the incremental improvement that makes a huge difference when it gets compounded over a period of time-that’s the value of a coach. The coach is going to show them and give them actionable insights that they can implement and change their behavior for the better.

Different Types of Coaches

The coach is equally relevant in your work life as in your personal life. There are many different kinds of coaches-a life coach, relationship coach, productivity coach, business coach, communication coach, and really, any area of your life where you can improve, you can learn and get better at, with the help of a coach. That’s what the role of the coach is. At, we have coaches in a lot of different categories. And you can avail of them.

We just did a recording today on Nutrition 101 and the value and the usefulness and the benefits of the right diet, and what you put into your body. At the end of the day, it’s all about mindset, right? If you have a winning mindset, then you’re going to take action with the pre-meditated objective of winning. And this is equally important in a sports situation as in your life, right? It’s all about the mindset. I was reading somewhere that you win the game before you even get on the field-it’s the preparation and the mindset that you have that determines how you finish. With the right mindset, you win the game, much before the game starts. You win it based on the preparation that you do, the attitude that you have, the perspective that you have and the action you take.

Team Sport

Soccer is a team sport. It takes a village to win a game. Soccer is a team game-there are 11 players on the field, including one goalkeeper.  It’s not the brilliance of one person, that results in one specific team winning the game. It’s the combined efforts and the collaboration of all of those 11 persons that make it relevant. The same applies in a team environment at work. You don’t want individual brilliance, you want team coordination, and you want team dynamics and you want team mobilization. And that’s what the coach can do.

Forget about a boss and subordinate relationship. It’s not about that anymore. It’s no longer hierarchy based. It’s about being a peer and showing people how to do it, not talking down upon them or not using your position as a lever to get your point across but helping them as a peer. And that’s what the coach and the mentor does.

Take Action

So we talked about a couple of key things here. We talked about mindset. We talked about team dynamics, we talked about the value of a coach, all you really need to focus on is the will to improve and if you have the will to improve, and you are willing to take action and put in the effort, the rest will follow. We have people that are here to help you. So as long as you have the will and the determination, the rest will follow. Now you have got to put in the work and the effort- there are no shortcuts.

You can learn everything about swimming. But until you actually dive into the pool and learn, it’s not going to work. We all need those reminders. We all need those nudges while you’re working. And while you’re in the situation, if you can get some quick advice to tweak your behavior, and make an immediate impact, you can win the situation.

Encourage & Support

It’s a beautiful spring, day today, it’s about 78 degrees. We’re all here to watch my son. And that’s the last thing I want to leave you with- the importance of encouragement and support. Take the time to be there for your kids or your friends or your team. Show that you care- actions speak louder than words. Be out there-supporting them, walking with them, running with them, playing with them, getting on the phone with them, helping them close, take the calls, show them how it’s done. Have a high Say-Do ratio.

Learning Styles Vary

People learn in different ways-some learn through self-paced on demand courses. Others learn through instructor led online programs, while others learn through the traditional classroom method. Others listen better by auditory skills. Others do better by the hands on approach of doing, while others learn better by watching video content. So when you have different ways of learning and different ways of absorbing information, and training and coaching  that matches your learning style,  that’s when breakthroughs happen.

Incremental Change

It’s not a huge big bang approach that needs to go in. It can be incremental changes, which compound over a period of time and result in big changes and impact. If you’d like to learn more and explore how a coach or mentor can help you maximize potential, lead a more balanced and fulfilled life, have more control and freedom, have better mental health, improved physical wellbeing and overall emotional health and happiness, email me at for a complimentary 30 minute discussion. Thanks



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