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Come as you are

The book of Genesis begins with the fact that God was before He created light, the heavens, water, earth, animals, and man. God was there before this. He is the uncreated one. Ponder that for a minute. He has always been. If it was up to me to deliberately and intentionally create light, the heavens, water, earth, animals, and man, what a mess I would surely make of that! He is the one true God who can do that. No one and nothing else can.

Additionally, He lives in the eternal. He sees all past, all present, and all future, at the same time! Wow. Ponder that, too, for a minute. There is no other God. He is it, and He is all we need for anything and everything we need.

Psalm 90:2 and 90:4 tell us,
Before the mountains were born ,You gave birth to the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God. For a thousand years in Your sight Are like yesterday when it passes by, Or like a watch in the night.

Let alone that He did, does, and will continue to do amazing things (He is always working), He loves us. Yes, he loves us every single one. That means He loves you, too. He loves you fully, overwhelmingly, for who you are, and not some version you think you need to be before coming to Him. He knows you, so come as you are.

If you have a spouse or family member, they don’t need you to clean up before seeing them. They want and love you as you are. God is The Father and loves you immeasurably more than that. He created all we see and then created us to be good stewards of those gifts. Won’t you willingly accept it, take care of it, grow it, and multiply it? As He loves you, He desires you love Him. What a wonderful and powerful relationship. For it is solely based on love and love alone. 🙏

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