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Customized Coaching

Customized Coaching by Sal Celly

Good morning, everyone. Coaching is critical in all aspects of our life-equally important in our personal life or relationships as well as in our work life, productivity, impact and effectiveness. The key to successful coaching is to identify the areas where you need the coaching and mentoring and to invest there and not focus on the areas that are not required. So how do you do that? Time is limited for us and the coach. In order to maximize the impact of our coaching experience, it is critical to focus on the key areas of improvement and not areas where we have strengths already.

The Starting Point in the Coaching Journey

At we identify, your starting point through our psychometric assessments (like the DISC assessment) which through a series of questions and scenarios, assess your key strengths, your areas of opportunity, and then give you the vehicle to invest in the areas that you need the most improvement in. Through customized coaching and personalized mentoring this is achievable. Once you have a well-defined and clear starting point, you can along with your coach, determine your goals and destination, and create a time-bound, specific and measurable roadmap to get you there.

Accessibility, Choice, and Ability to Fulfill

You don’t have to go anywhere. It’s all through the interactive, single predictive technology dashboard for individuals and organizations. In the dashboard, you can choose amongst different coaches that specialize in different areas. You can even zero in and filter based on your state, your city, as well as the mode of coaching, whether it is remote or online or in person. Moreover, you can base it on the key precise areas that you need the most help with. For example, you may be wanting to develop your leadership skills. As a result, you can filter based on leadership and you get a result of the relevant coaches. You can filter based on as an example, mindset, or work life balance, or spirituality or healthy relationships, or parenting, or how to overcome an addiction, or how to get over a hurt, or a habit or a hang up. Depending on the areas that you need the most help in, you can zero in on those. That’s what we mean by customizing coaching and creating your own growth journey.

The other important factor is that you decide how much time you need from the coach. It’s not necessarily that you need to do a one-hour session-you may have a quick question about a sales deal that is stuck and how you can convince the Chief Procurement Officer to execute. That may just take a quick question via a 15-minute call. Through and the interactive dashboard, you can immediately access the right person and ask them the key question without having to be blocked in a one-hour coaching session.

This is what we are offering -this is pretty revolutionary. It doesn’t exist today. As a result, if you have a sales related question, you can talk to a sales coach. And you can just quickly ask them a question via email or text, or you can quickly schedule a 15-minute call.

The Coach’s Role

I hope you recognize that the value of a coach is to maximize your potential and to show you what is possible and to elevate you and take you to areas that you thought were not possible before. You’re obviously invested in your success, and you want to grow, and you want to develop, which is why you’re here. The role of a coach is not to tell you what you already know. The coach is going to help you improve from a seven to a nine. And those two extra points will make all the difference. Life is not a game of yards or meters. It’s a game of inches. The coach will help you gain those extra inches and move forward with those extra inches that make all the difference. If you have any questions about coaching or you want a specific topic addressed, please send us an email at  Thanks


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