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Do what you know is right

If you don’t do what you know is right, you have sinned. James 4:17

As we approach this holy week, where we observe the steps that Christ Jesus took from Gethesemene at the foot of the  Mount of Olives, to stand in a mock trial, suffer the worst possible beating and death of that time and most likely today too, and then rose from the dead three days later, before finally ascending to the Father and promise to return, we should review the foretelling of this most impactful time in our history.

So many loved Christ Jesus. They saw the miracles He performed, the biblical instruction he provided and the hope so many received. However, Christ Jesus was the biggest threat to the establishment (Pharises, Sadducees, Scribes, and military leaders). Many who claimed to follow Him turned on Him, and elected to crucify Him.

I find it almost incomprehensible that this was foretold many times, and centuries earlier in scripture. For example, in Isaiah 53-3:4, estimated to be written around 740 B.C. says,
He was despised and abandoned by men, A man of great pain and familiar with sickness; And like one from whom people hide their faces, He was despised, and we had no regard for Him. However, it was our sicknesses that He Himself bore, And our pains that He carried; Yet we ourselves assumed that He had been afflicted, Struck down by God, and humiliated.

As we enter the anniversary of the last days of Christ Jesus on earth, take time to reflect on how you can show the love He shows you to others in your sphere of influence. Be the person Christ Jesus has called you to be. You may be criticized for it. You may be ostracized for it, and maybe even hated for it. However, you will not have to pay for it the same way Jesus paid it for you. Love, as He loves.



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