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Easily Distracted ?

Task-switching is costing us as much as 40% of our productivity*

I don’t believe I have ADHD but I do believe I’m constantly tempted by many things I

can do,

need to do,

want to do,

asked to do,

and it’s becoming harder for me to focus on one task at a time.

Here’s my story.

I’m working on a project when I get a text from my daughter to confirm the pickup time.

I’m going to check the directions.

After I check the directions I go and update my calendar to reflect the driving time.

While I’m updating the calendar I remember I need to send an invite to a client.

Now I’m going into my emails to get his email address.

While in my Inbox…

You get the idea…

Twenty minutes later I even forgot what task I was working on and probably forgot to answer my daughter’s text…

Sounds familiar?

This constant task-switching makes us less effective and mentally fatigued. It gives us the illusion of productivity when in reality, we’re working harder at a reduced level of quality.

Without a structure in place, task-switching is what we do and we’re paying for it a 40% reduction in productivity.

To reduce the loss of productivity we need to have a structure in place to increase our focus time.

A simple structure that works for me involves a sticky note and a notepad.

If I need to work on a task for longer than 10-15 minutes:

I write the task on a sticky note and I stick it on my computer to remind myself where I should focus my attention.

When a new task comes to mind, I will write it down on a notepad that I keep near my computer. Yes, even if the task takes only a few seconds. This relaxes me because I will not forget the task that comes to mind.

When I practice this, I find that:

I get more done

I feel more accomplished at the end of the day


I have more positive energy.

Do you find yourself tasks switching? If yes, give this simple method a try.

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