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Effective Leadership-be real, vulnerable and build trust

Keep it Real

Recently, I was eating my lunch and scrolling through some YouTube shorts side by side…

And then YouTube’s algorithm landed me on a short… that caught me off guard.

You see…in it, two people were giving advice on how to be a leader…

And then I heard a line which I’m not able to get out of my head…

“As a leader you should never show vulnerability”

And let me tell you…This is probably the most brainless advice I’ve ever heard.

Do you know why?

To be a legendary leader, you need to do the complete opposite. This is just a misconception that leaders must always project strength and invulnerability…

Build trust by being authentic

Do not overlook the power of authenticity, vulnerability and empathy in building trust and connection with others. Trust is the foundation of any long-term sustainable relationship-at work and in life. When you do what you say you are going to do, your Say-Do ratio increases, and you build trust with your team and your stakeholders.

This is just one example of how a mic in everyone’s hands can be a bane rather than a boon. There are tons of misconceptions regarding what constitutes a strong leader.

Actions speak louder than words. Follow through and lead by example. Take ownership and accountability. Empower your team to achieve agreed upon goals by giving them freedom and responsibility and expertise through training to be competent.

And now, you my friend, have the opportunity to be one.

You see…

Turning individuals into leaders is exactly what I do.

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