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How do you feel when you eat cake with sausages?

When you realize you’re eating cake with sausages

Here is my struggle:

I experience resistance in doing activities that I love.

Take for example LinkedIn:
– I love writing and posting
– I love supporting other creators
– I love creating relationships on DM

But lately I’m dragging my feet. Today I brought it up to my coach.

What I realized is that even if I love something individually, it doesn’t mean I love them together

The discomfort I’m feeling is not because I lost my drive.

The source of the Discomfort

The discomfort comes because I try to “consume” all activities at the same time

It’s like having cake with sausages in the same bite.

I love them individually but would hate them together.

I guess the technical term is trying to multitask. 🙂

The reality is: I can’t multitask.

Do one thing at a time and be fully focused and engaged

Doing one thing at the time is always more productive and enjoyable for me

What I decided to do:
– Name my intention for the task I want to work on
– Set a timer to help me focus on one task at a time
– Experiment with working in different time blocks

A possible solution

A possible solution (reader feedback)

I make a list (cake). Then I make sure to keep a variety of things on it (frosting). I may have to do it an order that at times is very structured, (sausages), but other times let’s me do them in random order, (cake & frosting). I make sure that the sausages stay where they belong. If they threaten my cake & frosting, I reassess my list and get the sausages, cake and frosting back in order.

I have learned that at times I need to take care of the sausages first, so I can spend more time enjoying my cake with frosting.

Keep in mind that your mood, emotions, and stress level can affect how you feel about doing something that is enjoyable. If something you enjoy is no longer enjoyable, assess what changed.

👉 How do you avoid eating cake with sausages? I would love to read your comments.

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