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Human Design & its positive impact

Human Design-what & how?

Human Design is a system which integrates astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the chakras, and quantum physics. The result is an intricate mapping of your energy makeup! You can think of Human Design as a different take on a personality test, but instead of answering pages of questions, you simply provide your birthday, birth time, and birth location.

Human Design provides us with a deeper understanding of ourselves and others and helps us to honor and appreciate our different gifts and ways of interacting in the world. A synthesis of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the chakra system, and quantum physics, Human Design provides you with a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself.

Human Design for individuals

In your session, we will go over your energy type, the way you are designed to make decisions, your personality type, and gifts you bring to the world.

For those with a busy calendar, I offer a 30 min recording instead of a live session. I will cover your energy type, your personality type, the optimal decision-making strategy for you, as well as any other aspects of your chart that stand out or will be of value. The recording will be sent to your email within 3 days of your “booked time” provided that you have filled out your Human Design Session form with birth time, date, location, and have shared your email address.

Human Design for couples

Do you want to better understand your partner? During this session we’ll go over your energy types and what that means for each other, each of your ideal decision-making strategies, your personality types, and explain some of the interactions you have with each other on a daily basis. Actionable insights will be provided along with a few laughs as we discuss your individuality and synergies as a couple.

Human design gives you a new perspective and a new language to better understand the energetic makeup of your relationship. We talk about the energies in your chart and your partner’s chart and how they come together. You will learn practical ways to work with your differences and explore the gifts you both bring into the relationship.

Human Design can help couples to…

Understand each other better: You learn about each other’s unique energetic blueprint and how you both interact with the world around you. Insights into communication style and decision-making process gives you unique clarity into your relationship dynamics.

Identify strengths and challenges: Human Design helps couples work together more effectively and navigate challenges with greater understanding and compassion.

Improve communication: Giving a new framework for talking about things helps couples improve their communication and reduce misunderstandings. I show you how to support each other with practical things you can do every day.

Create a shared vision: Human Design helps couples create a shared vision for their relationship based on their unique strengths and desires so they can work together towards a shared future.

Human Design for parents

The beauty of Human Design is to shed some of the conditioning surrounding us as children that we carry with us into adulthood. In our session, we will uncover the energy type, personality, and gifts of your child so that you can better understand how to encourage and nurture their true self. Actionable insights will be provided throughout.

Energy types in Human Design


People with this type of energy wake up with a full tank of energy every morning! They are meant to generate energy by doing what they love in life and respond to what lights them up! These “sparkly” energy types know they’re in alignment when they’re feeling satisfaction. When they feel frustration, that’s when they need to stop and reassess.


People with this energy type are meant to follow their urges to do different things and inform others of where they’re headed versus asking permission or getting a consensus opinion. They create and try many different things, sometimes all at once! Sometimes they stop things and never finish them and that’s all part of their design. When they’re feeling peace, they’re in alignment. Anger is a sign to stop and reassess.


You guessed it! These people are a mighty combo of both the Generators and Manifestors. They have the strategy to respond to what lights them up, just like generators. Manifesting Generators begin initiating quickly after responding and tend to move fast. They have a full tank like Generators, but unlike Generators that need to empty that tank before going to bed, Manifesting Generators sleep better if they follow a winding down routine at night. Like Generators, their signal for alignment is satisfaction, where frustration signals a time to reassess.


People with this energy type can see the big picture in a way that is unique and special. They’re like birds atop the highest tree in the forest. Given the knowledge they have, they want to share with everyone, however, their strategy is to be invited. When a Projector is invited to share their vision, they are most appreciated, heard, and seen. Projectors do not have the same energy tank as Generators, Manifestors, and Manifesting Generators. They are meant to guide versus do. When a Projector feels success, they are in alignment. When they find themselves feeling bitter, it is time to take a moment to reflect.


The rarest energy type at 1% of the population, Reflectors are wise observers of life with a great gift of understanding other people. Living in the right environment with the right people surrounding them is very important. Reflectors are meant to contemplate for as long as they need to make decisions and should never be rushed. If a Reflector feels surprise, they are in alignment, if they’re feeling disappointment, they should take a moment to observe and reassess.

For additional details or to schedule a Human Design session to understand the pathway to lead a more balanced, happier and fulfilled life, please email me at


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